I am Sara Colée.

Brand strategist. Graphic designer. Illustrator. I grew up in Charlotte North Carolina then left to pursue my passions and only recently returned to the Queen City. I have been freelance for 4 years now working with small to medium sized companies and musicians as a brand manager and social media consultant.

Traveling from infancy must have a permanent impact on a person. Because since childhood, I was enthralled at the chance to see new things, meet new people, and experience the unexpected. Even as a woman, well into adulthood now, I still find that same childlike joy from both the big and small nuances of life.  But even more than the experience, I love the translation of an experience into an artistic expression. Specifically through photography, illustration, and/or design. 

It's been the greatest adventure, migrating my passions in life into a side gig...and eventually into an actual business. I love what I do and I love building relationships and sharing those experiences in very relatable ways. I think the trick is not to miss the moments. In relationships, life, art, and even business...

I draw energy from the business relationships I've developed just as much as I do from the work itself. I'm not sure I believe in work/life balance, as much as loving what you do and making the most out of opportunities given.

Here lies my Instagram. For better or worse. Click here to go to my Instagram account to catch a better view.


The Loft Sessions are a series of intimate shows in Charlotte, NC highlighting the artistry and story of indie musicians a visual creatives. Emily Sage and I started this event originally as a 3-part series to showcase regional talent but because of phenomenal reception we decided to continue it as a monthly event. Click the button below to see past show info and to get connected!

Other artists included in past shows include Morgan Bosman, Brandon Berg, iamSon, and Greg Cox.

Space is limited so check in on the regular if you’re interested in attending.

Brand Acadamy Logo_Green on Green_Cover Page.jpg

Building a brand by defining your “we”

So many people that I’ve encountered believe that “brand” means a logo or a tagline, but it’s so much more. It starts 10 steps before a logo or creative brief ever materialize. It’s the heart and soul of who your company is and defines how your customers will experience your products. It’s answering the question “Who are WE?”.

Brand Academy is a modularized course that guides you step-by-step through the process of defining not only your brand core but also identifying your dream clients for future growth. This course outlines specific methods you can employ to capture and hold your audience attention, building trust and a loyal community along the way.